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Pork was a huge part of our diet. I would kill for their recipe!Posted Sun, Aug 16 2020 5:55PM, Phillipe Whooo-weee!---what a nice bunch of sentiment and what-for! It's all good!Oh, and if you don't use wood, it ain't real BBQ. !Posted Thu, Jan 3 2013 10:06AM, p3orion This is off the barbecue topic, but since there are a lot of North Carolina carnivores in attendance, I thought this would be a good place to post this question: does anyone have a good livermush recipe?For those of you who do not know, livermush is a mixture of pork liver, pork broth, cornmeal, red pepper and other spices which is all cooked together, then allowed to cool into a brick shape. Posted Sun, Mar 4 2018 11:50PM, Laid Back N Livin Slow The recipe you have here is about identical to George's which isn't a bad sauce at all. But I'm a Texan. Thanks so much!Posted Thu, Apr 9 2020 7:37AM, Kirsten My Dad lived many years in Winston Salem and for years tried to find the best sauce that mimicks the 'cue from that area. can't wait to have 2 arms again.Posted Sat, Jan 2 2016 4:14PM, PeggyS I love these comments! Next, move on to Town Square to . Browse a list of all products from City Barbeque. I grew up in the Piedmont region of North Carolina.Posted Wed, May 21 2014 5:00AM, ashley gray My step father use to do easter Carolina pig pickens be for he past away my he r.i.p. Making a 4 cup batch, I used 1 packet of Raw Sugar and 1 teaspoon of molasses (as I was out of brown sugar). . GET OVER IT! The difference in the cole slaw is extremely different from the yellow Eastern NC version to the red Lexington style slaw. Please don't. Similar vinegar based sauces can be found all over the central and western parts of the state. Posted Mon, Feb 5 2018 2:48PM, Mark P Ketchup is not in the Eastern NC version (as in East of Raleigh) and people will hold you down and beat you if you go anywhere near a split pig with ketchup in your hand. I added a little less vinegar and more hot sauce and red pepper flakes to my second batch. I can't wait to try this! Brush Fire Barbeque Sauce. This is for those of you that prefer a little drier wine thanmy normal recipe.You asked for a wine less sweet and I listened.You will NOT be disappointed in . Posted Thu, Dec 20 2012 2:43PM, Maggie Hello there, just emailing from Glasgow, Scotland as I have just 'boiled', yes boiled some pork and it looks a bit on the pale side and lacking in taste although I did put in a few carrots, onions, bay leaf etc., Anyway rather than have it with plain old gravy I noticed your receipt, liked the sound of it and have made it. Who just moved to NC. Pulled Chicken. Hadn't been to E NC in a while and wanted a little taste to show wife what it was like She is from TX and I'm from SC (mustard based)I'm hoping she likes it but I've already tasted and it is awesome, despite the no ketchup critics.Thanks for the research and posting recipe. 2 cups barbecue sauce (optional) Instructions Mix together the rub ingredients in a small bowl. A good example is Maurice Bessinger's, based in Columbia. Too, like todays flavorless chicken, pork that was naturally raised had FAR more flavor. Usually a bit sweeter and thicker than Eastern style. Stopped often at Wilson's when traveling through that area and many years in Southport, too.We live in Maine and it is a treat to visit NC and have some good ole pulled pork sandwiches!Thanks for the entertainment while reading the comments. ", Published on Tue Aug 3, 2010 by Joshua Bousel, Wilfred Reinke I am slowly learning about the different sauces,styles and their roots. give it a try before you snub your nose! 4 Mojo BBQ Old CityMojo Hogtown Bar-B-Que Brick City Southern . By the way, many would consider Eastern NC as the area around and east of Interstate 95. Make it; Opens a new tab. There are some things I just don't want to knowPosted Sun, Dec 6 2015 1:29PM, countryliving Check out the internet for "Scrapple" recipes. Posted Wed, Jan 18 2023 4:57PM. The area they later moved to was mostly Scottish and English around what is now Williamsburg and Florence county. I could drink that stuff straight from the bottle!Thanks for sharing the recipe! Worse yet, in far western GA, it's mustard based, like the central SC sauces. Texas-style smoked beef sausage in a natural pork casing, served on Texas toast with coleslaw. 3. you have a good point. Located within Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee, visitors can . no need to mess up a great thing.Posted Sun, Jul 7 2013 10:00AM, Jodie He calls it NC sauce, so the argument about whether this sauce is authentically eastern is irrelevant. So mix it up, shake it up and eat it up and, remember the longer it sits the more the flavors will be released Just cooked a shoulder today so I'm enjoying some right now :)Posted Fri, Nov 23 2012 6:34PM, Phillip I grew up near Winston-Salem, where Texas Pete is made, so I tend to drown just about anything in it. Hence Piedmont style. It's ok on chicken and my wife likes it but I don't consider it BBQ sauce or "Alabama white sauce'.Tabasco only adding heat is one of the dumbest things I've ever read. Ive tried this recipe and I like it a lot. Don't get any better. can actually enhance an eastern nc sauce in subtle ways that if used in small enough increments would not be detectable and are the basis of secret recipes that chefs won't even let on that they are using.Some pit masters use smoked paprika among other things in the eastern carolina sauce. Nice post!Posted Sun, Jun 2 2013 12:35PM, Melba Wells Growing up in the 30' & 40's, in Central Texas, my dad made what I would call NC barbecue sauce--just vinegar, red pepper, black pepper and salt. It also gives it some red; mine is pretty dark otherwise, because I use sorgham molasses instead of brown sugar.Posted Fri, May 13 2016 9:34AM, jethro Like it all eastern bc and e. VA are the best try 50/50 w brown sugar and molasses and instead of Texas petes(sorry garners) try Panola gourmet sauce from lousianaPosted Tue, Jul 19 2016 6:58PM, Mark There was a comment on this board that there was good BBQ sauce in Georgia. As far as I'm concerned, either way can be good. Note I didnt list how much of each, thats because it depends on whos making it, though it always starts with a gallon of apple cider vinegar. With a couple sugars and salt in the mix, I thought it would be best to give the sauce a quick boil to help dissolve the solids. One recipe I enjoy also has white pepper, that probably doesn't fit the ENC purist either. I made it once simply using pork liver, corn meal, a pack of gelatin and chicken stock, sage, salt, pepper, and some red pepper seed. Please forgive me for the sin of buying bottled bbq sauce, but I found something called Scott's bbq sauce in Harris Teeter up here in Delaware, it worked wonderfully dressing a slow roasted shredded butt and it appears to be both Eastern NC and red in color enough to require matchup to properly emulate it. All that I find call for "one pig's liver" rather than a weight. His style and tastes are just too awesome for words. It darkens the sauce and gives it a bold flavor that really compliments the meat. Garner Foods. If you substitute it with Tabasco, which is just plain hot, the result will be extremely hot. My favorite BBQ joint growing up was always B's. City Barbeque is a fast-casual restaurant chain that specializes in competition-level barbeque. The sauce y'all got is off. Back in the 50s a pig pickin was a family and community event, but even more, it reflected the lengthy history that went well back into the 1600s. Green peppers, chopped fine (4 oz.) Ingredients 1 - 750 ml bottle Firefly Spirits Strawberry Moonshine 1 - 750 ml bottle sparkling wine 1 2-liter Cheerwine 12 ounces citrus soda 2 oranges, cut into wedges (garnish) Maraschino cherries (garnish) Instructions Add all liquid ingredients to punch bowl with large block of ice. A lot of places I've been to offer either, I prefer shredded. Parmesan Crusted Salmon on the Pellet Grill. Posted Sat, Feb 6 2016 2:39PM, Celestine I have hit the mother lode with this NC boba sauce recipe. ;)He made the perfect chili, I even let the fact there are beans in it slide (Texas chili (competition) does not allow beans. I am doing VA BBQ and NC BBQ in a few days - do you know how many lbs of pork are seasoned by 2 cups. Texas Pete has been around since 1929, when it was first mixed up by Thad Garner, who was at that time the owner of the Dixie Pig BBQ in Winston Salem. It is all good. HYDE PARK Saucy Porka has opened a second location serving up Latin-Asian food like chorizo egg rolls with queso fresco cheese, sweet potato, red cabbage and onions served with avocado aioli . You can certainly substitute another hot sauce, like Tabasco, but Texas Pete has a flavor and history unique to NC, which is why I used it here.Posted Sun, Aug 8 2010 10:07PM, JoshGrillsItAll Have you tried the mustard/vinegar sauces from South Carolina? bleh! Oh, this is my OWN recipe"Posted Sun, Sep 27 2015 4:50PM, Nicole Kaldahl Here I've been thinking it's purely men never being satisfied with what they have. red pepper or to taste1 quart tomatoes, mashed. For example there are many ingredients that are also tangy besides vinegar. Ingredients: Raw Pork Shoulder - around 9 pounds Rub Seasoning: cup brown sugar cup paprika 1 tablespoon black pepper 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon chili powder 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1. 499. This is still a thin sauce, but not as thin as eastern NC style. For the beer drinkers, we tried the Parish Brewing Co. SIPS Pinot Noir Black Currant Sour for $5 for 6 oz. Once cool, de-bone and chop the meat finely and set aside. Smoked chicken, pulled from the bone and mixed with scratch-made 'Bama sauce. Heck, it's not even a sauce. City Barbeque, 2511 Blackmon Drive, Decatur. Ketchup to us is for fries/heavens, not on no BBQ!.and yeah, we do that white sauce thing on bbq chicken--some folk even dip a hushpuppy in itPosted Tue, Oct 27 2020 11:09PM, Porky We loved this hot pepper vinegar sauce. Bring it back to a boil and add cornmeal and cook until it is very stiff. This is what came out. As this Franklin Barbecue A Meat Smoking Manifesto Pdf, it ends going on swine one of the favored books Franklin Barbecue A Meat Smoking Manifesto Pdf collections that we have. Hop forward, low malt . I'm sure some of you around the Sampson county area remember Old Hickory Barbecue some of the best bbq other than home cooked. Welcome to 'the melting pot'. Grew up on Texas Pete, by T.W. Yet closer to comment 06. Pulled pork marinated in vinegary swine wine and topped with creamy slaw. Then I put one half upfor oulled pork the third day after. City Barbecue. Thanks, Josh for giving me a sauce recipe that at least closely resembles one that my dad cooked up. That's the secret of good sauce for chicken or pork. You've got in down correctly. Yum. I prefer something with a little more kick (Addiction Bhut Jolokia / Marie Sharps). If you like Eastern North Carolina barbecue this is it ! Still quite yummy!Posted Sun, Jul 19 2015 4:15PM, p3orion Tenderloins are usually pretty lean. To distilled vinegar, Red Swine Wine adds tomato paste, sugar, salt and spices to create their tangy concoction. Posted Sun, Aug 8 2010 4:26PM, Josh @Ben Cops Texas Pete is a hot sauce born in NC and made from cayenne peppers. Even today, I don't want the sauces or rubs to be the primary flavor. There are 20 calories in a 1 tbsp serving of I lived in Raleigh for 16 years and had a sales territory of Chapel Hill to the coast, so I had the true pleasure of eating at every little mom and pop Eastern NC joint I could find (Ralph's in Roanoke Rapids, Olde Tyme in Raleigh, and the little one in Williamston were my favorites). I'm just a NC born gal who was transplanted to California in her youth. I'm making some crock-pot pulled pork right now and I added some Buffalo Salsa Chipotle from Mexico in place of the Texas Pete in my sauce. The vinegar sauce we almost always used didn't have any ketchup or sugar in it and it was delicious. 1 large head cabbage, finely shredded 1 medium bell pepper, finely chopped 1 medium sweet onion, finely chopped 2 medium carrots, grated or julienned For the Dressing: 1 cup granulated sugar, or as desired 1 teaspoon kosher salt 2/3 cup vegetable oil, such as corn oil, grapeseed, safflower, peanut, or canola 1 teaspoon dry mustard Maybe even cut them in half after the soak and make deviled eggs from them to go with the 'cue? Then again, down there they think barbecue is beef brisket, so Texans may be beyond saving.Posted Wed, Sep 12 2012 10:52AM, cheri Cracker from Florida with Northern and Southern roots. City Barbeque 373 reviews Claimed $$ Barbeque, Caterers, American (Traditional) Closed 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM See hours See all 379 photos Write a review Location & Hours 208 West N Carolina 54 Durham, NC 27713 Chris K. said read more read more Thanks for the shout out about our 'que! Try it, you just might like it. Thank you, again. Was a bit hot for me so added another TBL dark brown and 2 TBL white sugar. That's the beauty of this sauce and why, after posting a seemingly "wrong" recipe, I took a couple years to refine it to what I now consider its proper state. So thanks, Ill use this as a guide and make my own changes as I see fit.Posted Sun, Jan 23 2022 5:39PM, SarahS Well, everyone seems to like slamming Texans. However, I do think I will try what some have suggested and add just a touch of brown sugar to the sauce. Cabbage, grated (fine or coarse, your choice)2 lg. Until now make it taste right.Posted Sat, Mar 8 2014 11:06AM, jerry v Well I live in va but born and raised in eastern nc my grandfather and relative's raised hogs and cooked them in a pit.I use his sauce and I have never in 50 yrs ever put or heard anyone put ketchup in the E N C sauce.Posted Thu, Mar 13 2014 10:51AM, Mike's Carolina BBQ Sauce Seasoning Excellent info here. Pickup ASAP. All the best bar b q joints in the area use some variation. I did find this recipe that might give you a start in what you are looking for.I made up some BBQ yesterday in my crockpot for New Year's using the recipe above which a slight adjustment for personal taste. We didnt mind the touch of ketchup, but then again we live in Western North Carolina.Posted Sat, Dec 5 2020 7:30PM, Krystal May What meats can you put the sauce on. I mopped the meats every hr or so with this carolina sauce. Just a few comments to add:I've been in Texas for more than 20 years and never had any trouble finding Texas Pete's. We call it a mop sauce, and then put on the table Crystal or TP or Tabasco for extra heat. Don't forget the slaw, which is another argument all by itself. It is not spicy so skip the Texas thing for NC authenticity. Red Swine Wine is a recipe right out of the heart of North Carolina. But my BBQ experience was from Bladen County and theirs is more of a cross with a Piedmont (Western NC) style sauce, including some ketchup. Similar vinegar based sauces can be found all over the central and western parts of the state. Cross the border into 'Bama and it has MAYONNAISE in it (the horror! I can't tell you exactly how its made, but I'm pretty sure that it doesn't have any ketchup in it and probably only a little sugar, if any. Add the cabbage, carrots, pepper, and onions to the bowl with the dressing. I'm from NC born and raised right by lexington and this is far hotter than anything iv ever had. 404-410 Of course, we slow roasted the entire hog outside for 24 hours. All-natural chicken breast, filleted by hand and served on a bun. Meanwhile, in a large heavy pot or Dutch Oven over medium heat, cook the ground pork until 1/2 done. add about a cup of dark brown sugar, a half bottle of Texas Pete, 1/2 cup salt, a 1.5 oz bottle of McCormick crushed red pepper flakes and a shot of bourbon to the cider vinegar jug. added half a bag of brown sugar a lot of ketchup and a cup water and strained out the red pepper just to make it edible.Posted Thu, Apr 2 2015 4:10AM, p3orion A Says-I know some folks have less tolerance for pepper heat, and there's no accounting for taste, but wouldn't it have been easier just to start over?Posted Thu, Apr 2 2015 9:06AM, carpetbagger This is NOT "NC pepper vinegar sauce". Keep it open! I was very surprised how mild "hot" food is here. It took me almost 15 years to master what he did. The best place to get a good ole southern dinner, the pork was delish and so was the rest of the chicken, hush puppies and so on and so on. 1 tablespoon brown sugar. Had to drive to Hursey's in Burlington NC last month while visiting a friend to bring 5# of it home. My granddaddy had a BBQ pit out back of his house and that fabulous taste was deeply engrained in my memory. Posted Thu, Jul 9 2015 8:46PM, Teri I love that the comments on this recipe are still active after four years! I believe this step ended up being pretty crucial, since the sauces that got the heat treatment ended up tasting a little more vibrant and cohesive in the end. I live in the piedmont, west of Charlotte, so our sauces normally consist of vinegar and ketchup. Swig & Swine Style Mustard Sauce Recipe Yield: 64 Servings Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Total Time: 35 minutes A classic SC BBQ mustard-based barbecue sauce by Chef Anthony DiBernardo with a bright yellow color, tangy mustard flavor tempered by sweet undertones. I know how it is to get a taste for something & have trouble recreating it. Thank you! City Barbeque: Disappointing - better options around Ballantyne - See 70 traveler reviews, 34 candid photos, and great deals for Charlotte, NC, at Tripadvisor. Texas-style smoked beef sausage in a natural pork casing, served on Texas toast with coleslaw. They're still around and in Greenville too though it doesn't taste like it used to. Just make sure vinegar is the main base. ;) Posted Thu, Jul 4 2013 1:02AM, Adella I agree -- there's nothing that ruins an Eastern Carolina BBQ sauce like catsup! One had no pig in it but a single ham hock with all the skin and fat removed. That same style sauce will be used on pulled pork up and down the Mississippi (Memphis style, Chicago style, etc.) I smoke my own pork butts for pulled pork about 14-18 hours, and I think it's better than anything I can get locally. Adding hints of other things (lemon juice etc.) For dinner, split a full slab of pork baby back ribs . This was a simple and great sauce with equal parts tang and sweetness. As one of the most decorated barbecue champions in the to make a best bbq ribswe start withPremium Cuts & Fresh IngredientsWe take pride in using the freshest ingredients, the best quality farm raised beef, pork, chicken and turkey always prepared daily and wood smoked in-house. Watch on. I am willing to try'em'all. 1 teaspoon salt, to taste. You probably are just following the base recipe that everyone knows is good.Great chefs and cooks play with flavor profiles in subtle ways to create their own unique spins. That was 100 people! . thought about tossing with nc sauce then freezing. Even in Wilmington bbq joints (thats what we call them) the sauces are different. Two years ago I went through a truly transcendent experience, one involving the introduction of vinegar to pork. Minced or shredded? I tried Josh's in an emergency and to no surprise it works! However, I can't imagine it's something I'd want to see made (it's called "head cheese" for a reason.) Posted Sat, Apr 26 2014 3:49PM, Cheri Here ye, Here ye, Scott I so Agree. I've lived there all my life and have never had one that contains ketchup. So BBQ sauces can be different but basically it just ain't BBQ to me unless it is cooked on hickory. !Posted Mon, Jun 16 2014 2:12PM, cheri GG this Carolina Tang sauce is brought to a boil and laid to rest a bit before putting on the pig, and is truly tasty. Pork was cooked for about 18 hours and the chefs were in the back, chopping it up with cleavers. I had a very expensive barbecue dinner at The Pit in Raleigh, and immediately knew that the original owner had not really disclosed his true award-winning recipe. The crockpot method was just not good enough last time! Of course smoked pork is going to have a better flavor than one cooked in a gas pig cooker. Posted Fri, Jan 9 2015 11:22PM, Cahelie Jolly You don't have a clue about "Q" .This potion you have created resembles Lexington, NC style BBQ sauce, which no real lover of E. North Carolina BBQ can abide. I won't eat commercial souse or scrapple as they use the cheapest possible ingredients and I have seen it made in those processing facilities.Posted Sun, Dec 6 2015 12:38PM, p3orion Conclusion, I'd sure like to have your livermush recipe. 1 Serving : 600: Black Bean Burger. Looking up the definition of "sauce" #1 says: thick liquid served with food, usually savory dishes, to add moistness and flavor.Now then, adding ketchup (which I have zero problem with) and brown sugar, etccould certainly make this into a BBQ sauce but vinegar, salt, black pepper, and red pepperalone is TECHNICALLY not a sauce.Either way, as someone else mentioned, who cares if it has ketchup or not, if it's Eastern or not.all that matters is that it's good. People have some strong opinions about their BBQ sauce! After cooling to room temperature, sauces that were refrigerated at least one day ended up having a stronger flavor that was more distinguishable when doused onto to meat. 20 Cal. However, I doubt the difference is really noticeable with only 2 Tbs mixed into more than 2 cups of other ingredients. He never calls it a "traditional ENC sauce". It was very refreshing, even without being the lightest beer. But it got two lip smacking thumbs up from King Gastronome. He said this was it, THIS WAS THE SAUCE THAT HE TRIED TO MAKE. So Eastern smeastern. P3orion, there is an HEB in the big city 15 miles from here, I'll grab some. I think the author has made an excellent attempt here and deserves kudos. Thank you. Maybe some day I will. It's found primarily in western NC, but is impossible to get in Georgia, where I live now. We went to Albemarle, NC to Whispering Pines Restaurant for BBQ. There are more "Thou Shall's and Shall Not's" with BBQ rules than any topic known to man. Its like most home cooked stuff, dont measure, just keep the proportion of ingredients and taste/add ingredients till its to your liking. Pour over cabbage and mix well. Only hickory wood. Not sure why those in East NC have such disdain for a little ketchup--just brightens up the sauce and adds a little body and complexity, IMHO. Try switching to a butt (now called a shoulder-blade roast in some markets) or a picnic, and save the tenderloins for quick cooking.Posted Sun, Jul 19 2015 4:49PM, Fully Alive I was born in Farmville and graduated from ECU (Go Pirates!). Perfect for any backyard barbecue or a special occasion like Memorial Day, Father's Day or Fourth!